Our Journey

Mamata Fertility Hospital lives up to its name. ‘Mamata’ – meaning ‘motherly love’ exemplifies love in its truest sense. This love, on one hand, means caring for someone from one’s heart, understanding his or her emotions and giving him or her hope, assistance, and guidance at every step. In all, it means doing the best.

About Mamata Fertility Hospital (A Unit of IIRC)

Mamata Fertility Hospital has its origin rooted in Infertility Institute and Research Center (IIRC), one of India’s most trusted, renowned, experienced, and successful infertility treatment centers. Founded in 1992 by Dr. Mamata Deenadayal, MFH has a collective team experience of more than 350 years. The center has been ICMR registered, ISAR Accredited, ISO certified, and has received several awards as the best fertility center in Telangana and South India recently.

IIRC has performed more than 50,000 IUI cycles and 1000 IVF cycles per year. Acclaimed in the world of medical research and academics, MFH has several publications in reproductive medicine in National and International journals. The team has conducted many Conferences, Seminars, Teaching programs, and Workshops abroad & in India, bringing Doctors and Research Scholars together to further the cause of infertility treatment. Mamata Fertility Hospital believes in evidence-based treatment and transparency in all interactions with patients and continuous guidance from supportive teams and counsellors.

Patient-friendly treatment and step-by-step counselling with the complete involvement of the couples in the treatment process. With a State-of-the-Art, Class 10,000 advanced IVF lab where gametes and embryos are grown in the best culture conditions for safe and optimum growth. MFH results have been consistently comparable to international standards and have vast experience in successfully handling cases of long-standing infertility & multiple failures. Our Embryologists, Clinicians, Sonologists, and Surgeons work together as a team in providing individual treatment plans customised for optimizing your success. Patient educating programs such as providing information on fertility issues and treatment options are conducted.

  • 27 years of experience
  • 350 years of collective Team Experience
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • 50,000+ IUI cycles
  • 15,000+ IVF cycles
  • Several Awards as Best Fertility Hospital in Telangana & South India
  • Success Rate on par with Global Standards