Why Choose Us

Renowned Team of Doctors

Led by Dr. Mamata Deenadayal, a visionary in the field of Fertility Treatment, the team of doctors comprise renowned specialists who genuinely care for patients and who have proven themselves in their fields. With more than 25 committed Doctors with vast National and International experience, you can be assured that you’ll get a world-class treatment and care. Yes, it’s their dedication that sets them apart.

All Services Under One Roof

Mamata Fertility Hospital is where Fertility experts, Physicians, Sonologists, Embryologists, and Counsellors come under one roof to practice in a State-of-the-Art facility. Yes, MFH offers 360-degree services in fertility treatment, the latest diagnostic procedures like 3D/4D Ultrasound, Andrology, Hormonal Tests, Lab Services, and more. Advanced Treatments provided from Laparohysteroscopy to IVF/ICSI, Embryo Freezing, and more. The center provides holistic services from Diagnosis, Treatment, Diet, and Psychological Counseling.


With a success record of more than 30,000 babies through IVF, ICSI, and IUI treatments, Mamata Fertility Hospital has an amazing success record. It’s our positive approach, guidance, and care that makes a big difference. What’s more, patient safety and well-being come before anything else. Here’s wishing you happiness!


We have excellent feedback from our patients. We are known to offer our patients an honest assessment and their fertility potential, and give them a personalized treatment plan through our advanced services coupled with compassion which are endorsed in the beautiful comments we receive in person and online in return.

Academics & Research

With more than 60 research publications in India and abroad, Mamata Fertility Hospital is a renowned name in the Medical fraternity. The team has conducted many Conferences, Seminars, Teaching programs, Workshops, and Presentations abroad & in India, bringing Doctors and Research Scholars together to further the cause of infertility treatment.

A Rich Experience

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Mamata Deenadayal, MFH has a collective team experience of more than 350 years. What’s more, the hospital itself has a total of 50,000+ IUI cycles and 15,000+ IVF cycles, with a high success record. Our team is constantly developing new strategies on improving management of infertility with the aim to improve success rates and enlighten the lives of infertile couples.