3D/4D Ultrasound Services

Advanced Gynaec Ultrasound Facilities

  • Standard Pelvic Scan - 2D / 3D in gynecological health and disease
  • Ultrasound assessment of Infertility
  • Follicular Tracking with Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI) and Sono AVC
  • Endometrial Receptivity Study
  • Ultrasound approach for assessment of primary and secondary amenorrhea
  • Ultrasound assessment to plan management of uterine fibroids, uterine anomalies by 2D / 3D / Power Doppler Study
  • Sonographic assessment of adenomyosis
  • Ultrasound assessment for management of ovarian masses, pelvic masses, ovarian tumor characterization
  • Ultrasound assessment of PCO with 3D B-flow Inversion mode
  • Ultrasound assessment of benign and malignant endometrial pathology, vascular lesions of the uterus with Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI)
  • Gel Vaginal Sonography
  • Sonosalpingography / Sonohysterography / Saline Infusion Sonography
  • Ultrasound to assess endometriosis and different types of endometriomas
  • Elastography for tumor evaluation and endometrial pathology
  • Pelvic Transrectal Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound assessment of ectopic pregnancy

Advanced OBSTETRICS Imaging

  • Confirmation of pregnancy
  • First Trimester Scan
  • Evaluation of 12 weeks scan
  • Evaluation of NT and Ductus venous flow
  • Fetal growth scan 2D / 3D
  • Anomaly scan (4D scan)
  • Target Imaging for Fetal Anomalies (TIFFA)
  • Cervical length and Elastography of cervix
  • AFI / EBW / BPP
  • Placental Localization
  • Twins / Triplets scan
  • Fetal Echo / Fetal cardiac assessment
  • Doppler Flow studies
  • NT biophysical profile
  • Early Pregnancy Failures assessment
  • Arterial and venous Doppler Flow of Upper / Lower / both limbs

Abdominal Scans

  • Liver / Gall bladder
  • Pancreas / Spleen
  • Retroperitoneum
  • Renal and Urinary Bladder

Special 3D Applications

  • Fetal Face
  • High Definition Live - An extraordinary rendering method generating realistic images of the human fetus

Andrology Scan

  • Scrotal Scan
  • Scrotal Doppler
  • TRUS (Trans Rectal Ultrasound)